I love competing in Germany Germany Deutschland First of all Germany is the only country – my home contry – Dänemark shares landborders with making travel to Germany easy.

Dänen laufen in Deutschland

In Germany the people loves sport and they cheer at all the athletes when they watch a competion like running and triathlon.

Germany marathon medals

Germany marathon medals

Germany host some of the worlds biggest and best marathons (Berlin Marathon, Frankfurt Maraton, Marathon Hamburg) and triathlons (Challenge Roth, OstseeMan Triathlon, Ironman Frankfurt) wich makes participating in these events feel very international.

But lately I have come more to love the smaller German races.

I am trying to run marathons in all 16 German Bundesländer

Germany states - Bundesländer

Graphic: Germany states – Bundesländer

Competitions I have completed in Germany:

  • Berliner Halbmarathon (2010)
  • Marathon Hamburg (2010)
  • IRONMAN European Championship in Frankfurt am Main (2013)
  • Ostseeman Glücksburg Triathlon (2015)
  • Berlin Marathon (2015)
  • Challenge Roth (2016)… Ich hasse die verrückt Zuschauer an Solar Hill
  • Ostseeman Glücksburg Triathlon (2017)
  • Lübeck Marathon (2017)
  • Hannover Marathon (2018)
  • Düsseldorf Marathon (2018)
  • Flensburg liebt dich Marathon (2018)
  • Würzburg Marathon (2018)
  • Kassel Marathon (2018)
  • Bremen Marathon (2018)
  • Brocken-Marathon 7 Harz-Gebirgslauf (2018)
  • München Marathon (2018)
  • Rügenbrücken-Marathon (2018)
  • Dresden Marathon (2018)

Map of Germany / Deutschland

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Germany states - Bundesländer
Graphic: Germany states – Bundesländer