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I have done triathlons, open water swimming, kayaking and cross country skiing… but mostly I am just a marathonrunner with marathon finishes in 20 different countries on three continents.
I am an All World Athelte

Never Settle, Never Stop

world marathon majors medals

Photo: World Marathon Majors medals

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My Club Memberships

  • Odense Triathlon Club
  • Marathon Globetrotters
  • 100 Marathon Club North America
  • Klubb 100 marathon Sverige
  • Marathon Maniacs

As you finish your running event, you can feel os climatic while you cross the line that it is easy to lose yourself. The sudden stoppers find it very easy to lose themselves.

These are the runners who, the moment the pass the finishing line, stop dead and stand there, basking in the glory of it all. Which is kind of sweet, but also kind of annoying, particularly for other runner who either have to dodge thse sudden stoppers or risk some sort of perspiring pile-up, right when they want one the least.

So please, runners, keep moving at the end, or at least move to the side.

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I Solemnly Swear I’m Up To No Good